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Buying Bitcoin with SGD, USD, XSGD, USDT

  1. FTX (FTX have SGD Transfer From DBS/POSB Account and other supported fiat currencies)
  2. Coinut (FAST & Xfers

Three weeks already past, Ethereum 2.0 is close to tripling its initial deposit threshold of 524,288 ETH. These deposits made in increments of 32 ETH represent the stake of active or soon-to-be active validators on the network.

Binance Staking: Ethereum 2.0

About ETH 2.0

Long before Bitcoin exist you cannot own any Digital Assets in value, unless is highly tradable or network effect + circulation supply limit. (Aren’t they like Air Jordans, Yezzy, Supreme, Gold Bars, Fiat Currencies of Cash but they are physical values right?)

Like Bitcoin only had 21 million supply limit…

Ethereum 2.0 you might heard it since Q1 of 2020 or on 1st December 2020 due to the Proof Of Stake mainnet is been launched. If you are excited to be Validator get rewarded for proposing and attesting to blocks.

Ethereum communities generate interested of the Eth2 staking contract having…

Odds are, a startup launched today will fail. In fact, three out of four venture-backed companies don’t return investors’ capital, and half of all new businesses close their doors before they’ve been open five years.

Failure is a constant in entrepreneurship. But…is it something the human brain is actually equipped…

Over-the-counter (OTC) trading desks like Circle Trade play an essential role in the crypto industry but few people understand why they’re important, how they work, and what separates one from another. …

Lately, Moveblock had been getting plenty of people looking for BTC over the counter (OTC) on both sides of the transaction — Buyers and Sellers — all looking for tens of thousands of coins.

If you are a buyer — its simple — provide me Proof of Funds and I…

JC Awe • #JC小砖 🧱 #bitcoin 🍕 qjawe.eth

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