Buying Bitcoin in Singapore

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Buying Bitcoin with SGD, USD, XSGD, USDT

Currently, there are 25+ exchanges that offer Bitcoin using BTC/SGD or BTC/USD or BTC/USDT pair in Singapore. (Last updated on 27 March 2023 UTC 2000 hrs Time, the article was written on Q4 2017)

  1. Coinbase (Coinbase have SGD Transfer from bank transfer by FAST to Standard Chartered Singapore of their partner banks) Buying $USDC from SGD on Coinbase fee had been waived on the promotion period! Please take note that your first FAST transfer may take up to 1–2 business days, based on your bank. Subsequent transfers are usually instant but can occasionally take longer.
  2. UpBit SG (UpBit SG have SGD Transfer from bank transfer by FAST or PayNow which deposits SGD instantly) Trading of USDT have a USDT/SGD Pairs
  3. Binance (P2P OTC on BND of Brunei currency exist since is 1:1 ratio of SGD) rates sometime could be very attractive
  4. (able to deposit SGD but there no SGD pairing to trade with, you have to buy XSGD 1st)
  5. Coinut (FAST & Xfers Account — Local/Domestic Singapore Bank)
  6. Coinhako & Xfers (FAST — processed within 3 business days or few hours & Local/Domestic Singapore Bank & Xfers Account)
  7. OKCoin (Credit Cards and Local/Domestic Singapore Bank; subject to your account type) [OKCoin fee rates are the lowest of all Exchanges]
  8. Gemini & Xfers (FAST 20K SGD limit on Local/Domestic Singapore Bank & Xfers Account & International Wire to USA Silvergate Bank for USD) [Good luck on 😟
  9. Huobi OTC (PayNow, Trade-in minutes — C2C Platform)
  10. Huobi Pro (Credit Cards only)
  11. Binance (Credit Cards and other deposit depends on your account type (Individual or Corporate) in Binance)
  12. Kraken (International Wire to USA Silvergate Bank)
  13. Local Bitcoins (P2P Platform with maker & taker of 1% as escrow fees)
  14. Paxful (P2P Platform)
  15. Coinmama (Credit Cards only)
  16. Bittrex (International Wire to USA Silvergate Bank)
  17. KuCoin (Credit Cards only)
  18. Bithumb Global (Credit Cards only)
  19. ByBit is a Crypto Futures Trading Exchange.
  20. Phemex crypto futures and trade perpetual contracts.
  21. BitMex is a cryptocurrency exchange and derivative trading platform.
  22. Bitcoin ATM Singapore Locations
  23. Daenerys & Co Cryptocurrency ATM (Charges & Fees)
  24. Bitcoin ATM locations in Singapore

Kraken had Canadian Dollars, Euro, Pound Sterling, Swiss Franc, US Dollar, Japanese Yen which you can trade with you DBS Bank multi currency account or any Singapore banks that had multi currencies service.

Coinut, Coinhako, Binance SG, Gemini & Huobi OTC are the more popular choices of exchanges in Singapore, as they accept PayNow, FAST (Fast And Secure Transfers) Local/Domestic Bank transfers.

Gemini support the Singapore dollar (SGD)! You can now buy crypto with SGD using a debit card and deposit SGD into your Gemini account using FAST transfers. SGD trading is available on both our mobile app and website.

Multi Fiat Currency is at the settings & Xfers account needed with Xfers Singapore mobile number registered
If you are advance user, Enable ActiveTrade

Credit & debit card purchases only Coinbase, Coinmama, Huobi Pro, services in Singapore.

Coinbase had back on USDC fee wavied promotion for all Singapore users on Coinbase. Xfers had move digital wallet to Coinhako

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