OTC Bitcoin

JC jawe.sol
1 min readDec 16, 2018

Lately, Moveblock had been getting plenty of people looking for BTC over the counter (OTC) on both sides of the transaction — Buyers and Sellers — all looking for tens of thousands of coins.

If you are a buyer — its simple — provide me Proof of Funds and I will connect you with the seller for that much coin. I decided to formalize it.

If you are a seller, the same thing, provide me with Proof of Coin — more than a screenshot or a video that could be someone else’s wallet, and if I believe you, I will connect you to the buyers.

If you try to go around me, then I scratch you from the list. No one I deal with wants to work with unscrupulous people. If you can’t be trusted with little things, you can’t be trusted with big.

I had created for Non KYC Buyers or sellers HERE

Bitcoin Address: 38rjjrNtTLUzLTfCaDZPUuzLeQgRRBjJjB

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